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Huge Mystical Lion Mural in Bogotá - Policromia Tour (EP07)

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So awesome to meet up with Javier almost exactly a year later to paint in Bogotá once again! Always a fun mash up. Gracias Javi!Follow Javier:*INSTAGRAM:*FACEBOOK:*WEBSITE:* Contact me here: info@kiptoe.comMusic:THEME MUSIC BY "The...

Best Street Performers Around the World - Amazing Talent and Skill - People Are...

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Best Street Performers Around the World - Amazing Talent and Skill - People Are Awesome 2017- Watch, rate, share and Comment- Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments!- Don"e;t forget to subscribe my channel :)Support The Sound Project:Support me via Paypal:...

Masked Magician Screws Up - Magic Gone Wrong, Very Wrong

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The masked magician gets this one terribly wrong. Good job he wears a mask, at least he can change it! rrMAGIC TV


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Hi everyone! Magicians around the world are constantly upgrading their tricks, inventing and putting into practice the craziest ideas, and sometimes, even playing with death! And all that for the viewers: they want the show to absorb our attention completely! Deep in our minds we know that it is just an illusion, ***PRESENTER***almost shouting*** but shit... how can you stay calm in front of this madness! However, the desire of fame often makes magicians do really dangerous tricks, and sometimes they...

A New Year: Artists from around the world celebrate the new year… with dance

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A gift from us to you for Rosh Hashanah, beautifully danced and sung by artists around the world. Best wishes for 5778!SHARE this video with your hopes for the New Year. #NewYearPrayer#NewYearPrayer #RoshHashanah2017 #RoshHashahah Download the lyrics and the sheet music here: Special thanks to Michael Hunter Ochs for writing such a beautiful song! for more videos...