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The Crevasse - Making of 3D Street Art

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http://www.metanamorph.comrIn Dun Laoghaire the "Festival of World Culture" took place from 21. to 24. of August 2008. Edgar Müller has followed the invitation and continued his series of large-sized 3D Street Art there. For this year"e;s Festival of World Cultures renowned German street painting artist Edgar Müller transformed a huge slice of the East Pier into a dramatic ice age scene. This project was supported by the Goethe Institution Germany.

Amazing 3D Street Art Illusions Compilation 2014 [HD]

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Here are some of the best of 3D Street Art Illusion. 3D Street Art Illusions on sidewalks, on roads, etc, all looking awesome and amazing, There are in fact optical illusions. Sountracks:0:00 - 1:47 Liquid Cinema - Voyage1:48 - 4:07 Liquid Cinema - Aeterna

This song makes me cry! The Last of the Mohicans THE BEST EVER! by Alexandro...

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Another version of the theme from the movie "The last of the Mohicans" performed by Alexandro Querevalú composed by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman for the film of the same name, is the signature tune of Alexandro Querevalú. As the heading indicates, this masterpiece not only makes the performer cry but also millions of people all over the world! The sentiments expressed in Alexandro´s interpretation of the music with a one of the native american flutes called Quenacho has a uniting effect on the...

30 Amazing Large Scale Street Art Murals From Around The World

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Amazing Large Scale Street Art Murals From Around The World

BEST oF Banksy Street Art

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BEST of 3D INTERACTIVE ART: by Ranzess on freesound.org