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Amazing Candy art around the world #2

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At Christmas we usually donated gifts together, including sweets, let"e;s watch processes sweets with TV cooking the sweets what we eat every day. Such as: Ribbon candy, Lollipop, Peppermin Spiral, Zotz, Jelly bean, mozartkugel,... Thank you for watching and Hope you enjoy.Ribbon candy is a type of hard candy which in North America most often appears for sale around the Christmas holiday season. It acquires its shape by first being fashioned as warm sugar into flat strips. A strip is then...

25 Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids - DIY Kids Crafts and Games

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DIY Projects That Will Blow Your Kids"e; Minds Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts here:

Top 10 Greatest Banksy Art

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Top 10 Greatest Banksy Pieces // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOWBe sure to visit our Suggest Tool and Submit Ideas that you would like to see made into Top 10 videos! it comes to Banksy’s best artwork, this guerrilla street artist makes powerful social commentary. Whether it’s “Cardinal Sin,” which commented on the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal, “One Nation Under CCTV,” which was a statement on privacy and the idea of big...

10 Ridiculously Cool Projects For Kids That Adults Will Want To Try

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10 Awesome home experiments so fun that everyone will want to try!Subscribe: Videos you might like:20 Life Tips That Will Completely Change The Way You Look At Ordinary Things HILARIOUS Online Shopping Scams New Beauty Products You Didn"e;t Know Existed!


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Hi everyone! Magicians around the world are constantly upgrading their tricks, inventing and putting into practice the craziest ideas, and sometimes, even playing with death! And all that for the viewers: they want the show to absorb our attention completely! Deep in our minds we know that it is just an illusion, ***PRESENTER***almost shouting*** but shit... how can you stay calm in front of this madness! However, the desire of fame often makes magicians do really dangerous tricks, and sometimes they...